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Plagood is the next-gen social entertainment platform, powered by the world’s most popular music

Simply upload your photo and Plagood instantly transforms you into your favorite artist, leveraging the world's most popular music and creating a new way to express yourself.


We enable a new form of self-expression that Gen-Z loves combined with a fun entertain-to-earn (E2E) experience.

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Our Path

Our Path To 100 Million Users

With expansive network effects and higher retention rates, Plagood is the future of social entertainment. By empowering relationships between artists and rights holders, and by leveraging a platform built with proprietary technology, we’ve mapped out a clear direct path to 100 million users.

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We are growing...

Like the evolution of short form video which fueled TikTok’s meteoric rise, Plagood redefines social entertainment using synthetic media, and is a favorite amongst Gen-Z users.

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Month-Over-Month Growth


Organic Growth


Avg Session Time

Per User



World's Most Popular Music, Onramp to Web3:

Come for fun, stay to earn. Trade and share exclusive NFTs by Top 50+ global artists.

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Expansive Network Effects:

Similar to the network effects that saw TikTok dominate Facebook and Instagram, people love to create and share synthetic media, driving our growth.


Powerful Technology

As a member of both the Nvidia Inception Accelerator Program and Google For Startups, Plagood benefits from preferred hardware pricing and cloud storage subsidies.

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The Plagood (PGT) Token

The $PGT Token is built on HBAR and transfers value between users, artists, rights holders, and creators within the Plagood ecosystem.

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Plagood is the Blockchain’s first E2E token model. All Plagood users earn tokens for engagement metrics such as Likes, Follows, Shares, and Comments which promote activity and fuel growth.

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content creators

Creators benefit from one of the industry’s first open-sourced creator funds. The more views you get, the more tokens you earn. This is the first time social media users can earn blockchain tokens based on their content’s performance.

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Artists can use their existing intellectual property (IP) to reach Gen-Z users who love to create and share synthetic media. Plagood offers a way to interact with fans like never before in a fun, friendly, and fully-monetized social environment.

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Plagood unlocks new revenue streams for rights holders, allowing labels to earn Plagood tokens by leveraging the mass popularity of their music catalogs.

Token Economy

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Token Distribution


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